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Teaching Information Architecture

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DITA Open Toolkit Docs Process
At this year's DITA Europe conference in Munich, I'll be speaking about how the DITA Open Toolkit project uses DITA features and other open-source tools like Git, Gradle, Jekyll and Travis to build the toolkit documentation included in distribution builds and published on the project website at Read more » – ‘DITA Open Toolkit Docs Process’
API docs in DITA and Markdown
Write The Docs I was recently invited to speak in London at the Write The Docs mini-conference on Documenting APIs hosted by the UK’s Government Digital Service, the team behind the GOV.UK website. Read more » – ‘API docs in DITA and Markdown’
DITA Users Berlin meetup

DITA Users Berlin meetup Join our first meetup on using Markdown in DITA workflows to learn how Markdown can help you to simplify the authoring process and gather input from other contributors who are less familiar with DITA.

Read more » – ‘DITA Users Berlin meetup’

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